My Podcast Series “Black. Hair. Love”

Hola amigos!! I want to share with you some news that you probably are unaware of. I created a podcast called Black. Hair. Love to talk about all things related to hair, being black in America, and current events in America, but nothing is really off limits for discussion.

My episodes are available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, and many other podcast platforms. If you like podcasts, give my podcasts a listen and make sure to subscribe to my podcast to be alerted when Friday at 12pm EST when I release each episode.

Here are the episodes thus far:

Episode 001:

Episode 002:

Episode 003:

Platforms that you can listen to my podcast on:

Apple -

Google Podcasts -

Spotify -

Anchor -

I look forward to having you apart of the podcast series! 🙂

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