How to Bantu Knot on Type 4 Natural Hair

Are you looking to master a bantu knot out?

A bantu knot out is a hairstyle AND a way to curl your hair without heat or rollers. You can create them in the same way you would to make a bun by twisting (or two-strand twisting a section of your hair, then rolling the twist up around its base into a knot. when you unravel this ”knot”, it is called a bantu knot out because you are taking the knots out. Makes sense right?

So, what is the difference in the final result in comparison to another style such as a braid out? Well.... Bantu knot outs give you more of a curl than a wave in the final result. Some people even wear their hair without unraveling the knots for a fashionable look.

What do you think? Would you try out this style? Leave a comment sharing your thoughts on this style And make sure to watch the full video above to visually see a tutorial of how to bantu knot type 4 natural hair.

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